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Sports Injury (Biomechanical)

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, let us help you with the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.

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Foot Care

Thick, hard to cut nails as well as callus and corns are common foot problems. Our experienced foot specialists can help you with all our foot care problems.

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Bone Issues

We offer many different treatment options to help accommodate any bony changes you may have such as bunions, hammer toes or heel spurs.

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Nerve Issues

Abnormal biomechanics,ill-fitting footwear and even Diabetes can also cause damage to nerves. Burning, tingling and pain could be signs of nerve damage.

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Soft Tissue Issues

Whether it's a build up of too much skin, abnormal soft tissue bumps/lumps, or the breakdown of skin, such as a foot ulcer, our foot specialists are here to help you.

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Are you worried about the way your child walks? Are you concerned about your child's flat feet? Don't know how to treat your child's warts safely? Come see us for proper foot care advice.

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There are many custom medical devices designed to alleviate the pain and discomfort you may be suffering from due to foot disorders...

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Heel Pain

Do you ever suffer from sore, painful heels after long periods of standing or walking? Are you experiencing heel pain upon standing...

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Fungal Nails

Have your nails become thick, crumbly, or discoloured?  Have your nails become very brittle and have white, black, yellow or green...

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Health Blog

Looking for useful tips to improve your foot health? Curious to learn more about how good foot health can improve your overall health? Click the link below!

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