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Foot Pain

Achilles Tendonitis

Inflammation in the tendon of the calf muscle, where it attaches to the heel bone.
Foot Pain

Ankle Pain/Sprain

Excessive twisting motion of the ankle that causes pain and discomfort due to stress on ankle ligaments/muscles.
Foot Care

Athlete’s Foot

A fungal infection of the skin that causes redness, itchiness and commonly occurs on the bottom of the foot or between the toes.
Bone Issues


A bony structural change to the big toe that causes it to bend sideways and creates an enlarged bump at the 1st MPJ joint.
Foot Care


The build up of hard skin on the bottom of the foot, usually due to excessive pressure in a certain area of the foot.
Foot Pain

Capsulitis/Foot Joint Pain

Overuse injury that affects the ligaments which forms a capsule around a joint.
Bone Issues

Claw Toe/Hammer Toe

A bony structural change to the toe that causes it to curl and have a “claw” like appearance.

Club Foot

A congenital condition that causes a structural change in the foot position.
Foot Care


A thickened part of the skin that has a hardened conical centre that forms "inward" into the body.
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