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Capsulitis/Foot Joint Pain

Brief Description

Overuse injury that affects the ligaments which forms a capsule around a joint.


Pain, swelling, difficulty wearing shoes, pain when walking barefoot.



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Medical terminology: capsulitis

Foot joint pain, capsulitis, is inflammation of the ligaments that surround a joint. It can occur in any joint of the body, but commonly occurs in the 1st and 2nd metatarsal-phalangeal-joints of the foot.

Excessive strain on the foot can cause irritation, stretching and even tearing of these ligaments which will create discomfort, pain and swelling of the affected area.

Foot joint pain can occur from increased activity, inappropriate or ill-fitting footwear, lack of foot support or foot muscle strength and trauma (falling, dropping something on your foot).

For many people, capsulitis or foot joint pain, starts as a minor discomfort which is usually disregarded. They believe it will just go away with time but with continued activity or improper footwear use, the affected area becomes worse and worse until it becomes very difficult to walk on.

How can you treat?

It is important that when you notice a change in your foot that you seek medical attention from your local foot specialist to determine what may be happening. Earlier assessment and treatment usually leads to a shorter and faster resolution rate. Most treatments focus on supporting the foot to reduce the strain on the affected joint and giving your foot appropriate rest to allow it to heal itself.

  • Custom orthotics – help support and reduce strain on the affected joint
  • Padding and taping – by reducing movement of the affected area, the body can continue with self healing
  • Laser therapy – improves the bodies ability to heal and reduce inflammation/pain of the area
  • Cortisone injection – corticosteroids have anti-inflammatory properties which will help alleviate the swelling and pain in the affected joint
  • RICE therapy – rest, ice, compression and elevation can help reduce the pain and swelling from the affected joint

Recommendation to prevent the issue:

  • Proper fitting footwear with adequate support and cushioning
  • Using custom orthotics to reduce foot strain
  • Improving foot/ankle/leg muscle strength to improve foot stability and function
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Capsulitis/Foot Joint Pain
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