Cyst / Bump

At Mississauga Foot Clinic, our foot specialists are able to help manage and treat several types of cysts/bumps that can conform on the foot. Depending on the soft tissue mass and severity of the growth, your foot specialist can help develop the proper treatment for you. Whether it be a conservative or surgical method, you will be given all the information to ensure you can make the best decision for you.

You may be asked by your foot specialist to obtain further diagnostic imaging (ultrasound, x-ray and/or MRI) to properly diagnosis and confirm the size and type of soft tissue mass present.

Cyst/Bump Removal
Treatment Description

Procedure under local anesthetic to surgically remove cysts/bumps found in the foot.

What It Treats
Ganglion cyst, mucoid cyst, fibromas, lipomas.
Conservative Treatment for Bunions
Treatment Description

Assessment to determine the severity of bunions to create a customized treatment plan to help reduce the progression of bunions.

What It Treats
Bunions (hallux abducto valgus)
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