There are 2 main types of injection therapy offered at Mississauga Foot Clinic. 

Cortisone is a steroid and has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used to help reduce inflammation and pain in many foot conditions. A cortisone injection can play an important role in pain management for people suffering from severe foot discomfort like plantar fasciitis. 

Another use of cortisone is to possibly shrink or reduce the size of soft tissue masses. After removing fluid from a cyst, it is possible to inject cortisone in order to reduce the chance of the mass growing back again.

Typically no more than 3 injections are performed in an area within one year due to possible weakening of tendons/ligaments or thinning of skin.

For patients suffering from nerve pain, just as Morton’s Neuroma, an alcohol sclerosis injection can be used as a treatment to destroy the nerve. Because the nerve is damaged or malfunctioning, it is sending abnormal signals of pain to the body causing the patient discomfort. By performing multiple injections of a special alcohol solution in the problematic area, the solution will damage the nerve completely which will stop the nerve pain from occurring.

Cortisone Injection for Foot Pain
Treatment Description

Steroid injection that delivers a high dose of medication directly to the affected area which will help reduce inflammation.

What It Treats
Plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, tendonitis or bursitis.
5mins (limit 3 injections per year).
Alcohol Sclerosing Injection for Morton’s Neuroma
Treatment Description

Alcohol injection to the affected nerve area which will help reduce nerve pain/sensation.

What It Treats
Morton’s Neuroma, neuritis.
5mins (7-10 injections, 1 injection per week).
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